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About me

Eddie Thespot is an Italian classical and rock/metal guitarist member of

SAD - European Metallica Tribute and the power metal band From The Depth.

Graduated with honors in Classical Guitar at the Conservatory of Music "L. Campiani" in Mantua, under the guidance of the M° Eros Roselli

He studies with Andy Martongelli (Arthemis, former Power Quest) since 2014 and with Alex Stornello since 2019 at the Modern Music Institute (MMI) in Verona and he will graduate in the Rock/Metal specialization of the MGI

Since 2017 he is qualified instructor for Rock/Metal MGI Basic, Intermediate and Certificate MMI levels, classical guitar Mast and MMI International Online Certified guitar teacher.​


Musical Career

In 2022 he joins both SAD - European Metallica Tribute and the Power Metal band From The Depth 

In 2021 he releases his second instrumental single dedicated to the pandemic nightmare: "19".

In 2020 Eddie releases his first instrumental single: "The Rising Phoenix". He proposes it at the Namm Show in the same year.

In 2020 Ravenword album "Trascendence" had been released. Eddie appears as a special guest, playing some solos.

In 2018 the Power Metal band "Chronosfear" published its first album, in which Eddie is former member, for Underground Symphony Records

From 2017 and 2019 Chronosfear with Eddie were opener for many gigs of some important band of the rock/metal international scene, such as Lacuna Coil, Kiko Loureiro, Edu Falaschi, White Skull, Elvenking, Trick or Treat


Prizes and Competitions

He competed in many national and international classical guitar competition, always ranking in the first three positions.

In evidence:

In 2007 I prize at National Competition “Città di Voghera”;

In 2008 III prize at “Guitartalent International Competition” in Brno (Rep. Ceca);

In 2014 I prize at “Concorso internazionale Giovani Musicisti Premio Salieri” in Legnago (VR)


Masterclasses and Lessons

He took presence in many masterclass and individual lessons.

Classical: Allan Neave, Stefano Viola, Alexander Ramirez
Rock/Metal: Michael Angelo Batio, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert (wherewith he jammed), Kiko Loureiro, Marty Friedman, Robben Ford

Eddie is a certified MMI Instructor for MMI International Online teaching classical and electric guitar since 2011.

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